My whole family is sick

Sunday. First it was my daughter. She was so weak, she didn't go to school on Monday. Tuesday came and she was fine. But I was starting to feel too tired all of the sudden. Wednesday was spent in bed practically the whole day. I got the flu! I couldn't bring myself to eat nor to stand or sit up. I get dizzy. Thursday, I am a little better, but still nauseous. And again spent the whole day in bed, watching movies. Hubby started coughing too. Friday, I felt good. I even joined my friends for a lunch birthday party. Hubby is still coughing. Saturday [today], my son went to bed without dinner. That's not him at all. So I went to check up on him, and he said it's too cold. He's chilling [like I was 3 days ago]. I gave him his medicine and hopefully he will feel better tomorrow. :-(

The only thing I hate about the changing of the season is that people are more prone to sickness!


Sukhmandir Kaur said...

Very cool, I like to build things with my kids and now grandkids legos but have always run out, how fun to have such an un-ending supply!

Redruby said...

i hope you are well now..