Are you editing your photos?

You know, I follow a lot of memes - like Wordless Wednesday, Outdoor Wednesday, SkyWatch and all those on my sidebar. I am always fascinated at how beautiful their photos are. Like they were all taken by pros. Little did I know that most of them do a lot of photo editing before publishing their photos.

Well, in this blog, what you see is how I took it. I do some cropping to remove unwanted extras in my photos, but that's it.

I took some classes on photography, and I just never had the time to really learn the manual mode of my SLR. I also took Photoshop course, and am fascinated at how much a photo can improve with Photoshop. But I just don't have the time to do any editing. And I think I have forgotten how to use Photoshop.

Do you do any photo editing???