Hooked up on CityVille

I just started playing this a couple of days back... so if you want to be my neighbor, please add me up. I still need a lot of stuff for my small town. Any help you can give will be deeply appreciated.

In search of a better pasture

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I missed the Corporate World. Unfortunately, whatever I learned in my home country doesn't apply here. For me to move on to a better position like doing taxes here or better yet applying for a Healthcare Administration Jobs, I need to go back to school. And with the new management and constant changing in procedures and policies, I am really thinking of going to back to school so I can find better career.

Things that I missed

I missed the Corporate world... I missed my corner office by the window on the 18th floor... and having lunch with my co-workers every other Friday... I missed having signing authority and training new stuff... I missed being a supervisor and material handling and collection... I missed wearing business suits... I missed dealing with VPs and AVPs... my work here is so much different from my previous world.

Well, it is another chapter and I am enjoying my tax season.


Sorry. I have been neglecting this blog of mine. I just had too many things going on and I do hope I can get myself organized before my tax season officially starts. I haven't had the time to blog hop either.

To be honest, I am so hooked up on playing Words By Post that I think I had carpal tunnel syndrome already. And that is taking my time away from blogging... :-)

Walgreens, the name you can trust

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Miami Seaquarium, October 2011

Today, my son turns 15!

Time flies so fast! I can't believe that my first born just turned 15 today. It wasn't really hard for me to find a suitable birthday gift for him since he already told me what he wanted for months now. It's a new DSi and the Call of Duty MW3. Though I am not so keen on getting him the MW3, we had to give in.

It used to be that I can just pick personalized gifts for kids. Now, they tell me what they want and I had to give in as long as it is within reason.

Here's what we had for dinner...

Koiji Restolouge

To my one and only son, Happy, happy birthday! We love you!

Florida City in Legoland

My son is still into Legos. He is 15 years old today. I told him that he should work at Legoland someday. He can be a designer or a builder of these cool miniature cities and landmarks. I believe that he could really do well and excel here.

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