Weddings! Who doesn't love weddings? I love it! I even get teary eyed during the exchanges of vows. I am that sentimental.

This is one of the reason why I decided to take wedding photography class. I wanted to be like this philadelphia wedding photographer. His webpage was so cool... and he takes great photos. Truly a treasure that will last a lifetime. Memories that one can treasure forever.

Condo rules

Sometimes I wish we bought a single detach home instead of a condo-townhouse. There are just way too many rules imposed by the condo board like no charcoal barbeque grill allowed on the patio, you cannot have your own pots of plants, you cannot repaint the outside structure of your unit, you cannot change house numbers plaques or even have colored curtains hanging in the windows. So many rules!

Wishful thinking

I can't wait for summer to come... I feel like I needed to go on vacation! I still don't know where to go, but maybe something country style for a change. Something like renting a loghouse with teak wood patio furniture. And we can do some barbequeing on the side while sitting on a rocking chair or hammock. Oh my, that sounded like for old couples. Hahaha! Anyway, just wishful thinking...

Medical stuff

It is getting easier and easier to do self testing at home. Like when you need to check your blood pressure, you can easily buy the blood pressure monitor to do that. Now, you can also buy EKG machines. The result is quite accurate, easy to use and hassle free. This is very convenient for senior citizens as they don't need to go to the clinic to have such test done.