Travel Agent issues

It was my first time to deal with a travel agency and I was just frustrated and angry and so stressed out!!!

I wanted a package tour because we've never been to that country and we don't want to hassle ourselves from going from point A to point B. With the package tour, everything will be taken care for us. We pay more but we are more relaxed.

Anyway, before I booked my tickets, I ask the agent to make sure that the tour is available. And she said "yes", I just need to make a deposit so that it will be put on hold for us. I paid for the airfare and make the deposit. Four days later, the agent called me to say the tour was canceled! Arrrggghhh.... Our airfare are non refundable.

The agent was kind enough to create a tour for us, but this means that we have to go on our own on most days and just join local tours on a daily basis. This package is actually cheaper, but if we have to consider the meals that are not included, plus the taxi fare to get us from point A to point B, I believe that it would be more expensive in the end.

With lots of email back and forth, she got us on a different tour, which would be more fast paced than the one we originally wanted to. This also means that we have to shell out extra $350 for the airfare difference! Dang!

I wanted to cancel the whole trip, but our airfare are non refundable! Well, I won't deal with them again, that's for sure!

And yes, I am back on blogging... I hoped! :-)