Insurance is a MUST!!

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My summer vacation trip is causing too much problem.  I wish we had travel insurance so I don't have to pay extra on our flight when the tour we originally signed on decided to cancel. Now, we are forced to re-book our tickets to coincide with an alternative tour group.   That' an extra $500 in airfare ticket for me and my husband.  And travel insurance would be way cheaper than the $500 that we have to put out extra.    

On top of that, my kids who flew to NYC yesterday to spend the summer with their grandma and cousins, just lost their kinect, controllers, Xbox CD games and Wii CD games when their checked bags missed the connecting flight.  They got their luggage the next day, long enough for thiefs to go through their bags and pick out the things they wanted!  Including a toddler's angry bird shirts.  I just filed a lost items report, but I honestly don't know how much the airline is going to cover.  Again, if we have travel insurance, I can be assured to get reimbursed!  Arrrgh...  

Likewise, Car Insurance is equally as important for 3rd party liability and peace of mind.  Never drive without one, for the damage will surely be bigger than the premium.  You just have to shop around for the best coverage and value for your money.  

Insurance Hunter can helped you shop around for your Auto Insurance, home insurance and even travel insurance.    The process is very easy, simply fill in your information with their quoting tool and it will search the best possible rate for you to compare.  Go and give it a try! 


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Day two and I miss them already

My kids left for their summer vacation in NYC yesterday. They flew out with their grandma, and is visiting my sister-in-law and her family for 5 weeks.

This is the first time my kids is on holiday without me! And I am missing them already. The house is awfully quiet except for the sound coming from the TV.

This is the time to do major house cleaning and keeping it clean till the kids come back in 5 weeks. They will be flying back on their own, another first for them. I just hope they won't missed their flight or lose anything, especially their passport.

Celebrity sighting

Just saw Kevin Costner at YYC airport today... he is still handsome... older but handsome.