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Do you have an idea that could make a positive change in your community?  Now on its fourth year, Aviva Community Fund is still committed in donating $1,000,000 to best idea that can make a positive change in today's world.   First round is up and open.  There's 13 days left on round 1 to vote and submit your idea online.  Ask your family, relatives, friends, school mates, neighbors and community to vote.    Let your voice be heard.  One person can make a difference in a community, and that one person might just be you.  

Eligibility criteria are as follows: 

1.  Is it action-oriented?  It has to be something that will make your community better than it is right now. 

2. Is it well budgeted?  Aviva will fund small, medium or large ideas.  Ideas should be self-contained, without needing other pooled funds.

3. is it going to be well underway by 2013? Stand-alone projects are preferred and it has to be implemented by December 31, 2013 using $150,000 or less. 

4. Is it Canadian?  Ideas has to be implemented in the communities in Canada only.  Maybe submitted in either English or French, Canada's official languages.

This contest is open to all residents of Canada irregardless of age.  Participating kids under the age of 18 needs parents' consent/approval.  This contest is open to either individuals or groups. 

Like Aviva Community Fund on Facebook and/or Follow @Aviva on Twitter.  Share your ideas.  I'm encouraging you to check it out and submit your idea to the Aviva Community Fund charity contest.  Remember, small, medium or large ideas are accepted! 

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