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Are you a good, responsible driver?  Do you text or talk on the phone while driving?  How often do you violate traffic rules?  How often do you get caught and had to pay for a fine?  A co-worker of mine got fine for running 160km on a 50km national highway... and her fine is $2300 (if I am not mistaken)!   That's more than enough to pay off my one month mortgage and car payment!  Her reason for overspeeding?  She was pissed of with her travelling friend beside her. 

Starting this school year, both my kids are taking public transit to and from school, I worry about reckless drivers like my co-worker.  Many drivers put children at risk by breaking traffic laws and violating safety procedures in school zones. I hope the people would respect school zones traffic rules as there are hundreds of innocent children in the area. 

Here's a brief excerpts from Insurance Hunter’s survey on driver safety in school zones:

~  74% witness drivers over speeding on school zone

~  80% witness drivers violating safety procedures in school zone

Shocking isn't it?  Please take time to read the rest of the survey and ask yourself this: Are you one of these "irresponsible" driver?

Ontario School Zone Safety Survey also shows that three quarters of parents polled have witness drivers, young and old, to be breaking the law while in a school zone too.

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