Our Christmas Tree

This year's motif... blue and silver... I borrowed the whole decor set from a family friend. They got 3 set of 3 different theme decors. I just can't afford to buy decors or change every year. And it was tiring to keep on looking at my red and gold decors for the past 6 years?

Less than a month to go till Christmas day... are you all ready for the birthday of Jesus?

What did you do to your face?

I can't believe what I just saw at work last week. 

A guy got tattooed all over his face and forehead, all around the neck and hands.  I guess the whole body is tattooed too.  The one on his face looks like a puzzle.  He also got cuts on both ears, 4 cuts per ear (looks likes a zigzag).   He also got 2 bumps on his forehead.   And his tongue is split in half!!!   (This I didn't see, I was too far from him, but my co-worker saw it when he talked to him).  Eeeewwww...   I can't even really looked at him as it's grosses me out.  I don't know what you would call that one.  I guess he thinks he's a serpent or something? 

And he was traveling with a girl, looks normal to me, but I guess she's not if she is with somebody that looks like him.

So stressed out!

The past few weeks has been horrible... I am so stressed out and I am feeling helpless and don't know what to do anymore! Somebody please help me!

Winter months is upon us...

This is our second heavy snowfall for this winter... it is sooooooo cooooold!!! We're expecting 10-20 cm of snow... Stay warm and dry everyone!

34 more days till Christmas... are you done with your shopping yet? I'm not!