What did you do to your face?

I can't believe what I just saw at work last week. 

A guy got tattooed all over his face and forehead, all around the neck and hands.  I guess the whole body is tattooed too.  The one on his face looks like a puzzle.  He also got cuts on both ears, 4 cuts per ear (looks likes a zigzag).   He also got 2 bumps on his forehead.   And his tongue is split in half!!!   (This I didn't see, I was too far from him, but my co-worker saw it when he talked to him).  Eeeewwww...   I can't even really looked at him as it's grosses me out.  I don't know what you would call that one.  I guess he thinks he's a serpent or something? 

And he was traveling with a girl, looks normal to me, but I guess she's not if she is with somebody that looks like him.