Off for the holidays!

My 1 week vacation just became a 13-day vacation. How did it happened? Well, my working days are Sundays to Wednesdays. Today was my last working day for the year!

I gave away my shift tomorrow (Dec 18, Wednesday), then I have my regular days off from Thursday to Saturday. My official vacation leave starts on Dec 22 (Sunday) and ends on Dec 29 (Saturday). And because my vacation falls on 2 holidays (Christmas and Boxing day), I got 2 extra days off which will be applied on Sunday (Dec 30th) and Monday (Dec 31st)... that's 13 days of no work!

To my co-workers, I will see you all next year (Jan 1st)!

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

My Little Village

Finally, after years of contemplating, I decided to go ahead and purchased my first set of "Little Village." And hopefully, each year, I will buy new ones and create a bigger village.

24 more days till Christmas!!!