My birthday at Club Paradise

Another perfect getaway!  I just celebrated my birthday last month at Club Paradise, Palawan, Philippines!  It was quite pricey, but it was all worth it!   We spent 2 nights and 3 days there and we were all rejuvenated and refreshed.   Truly a paradise!  

The weather was also perfect considering that's we went there on a rainy season.  It did rain on the day of my birthday, but only for 10 minutes... and then the sun came out to play again. Thank God for a wonderful getaway.

Club Paraside, Palawan, Philippines, July 23-25, 2013

So if you ever decided to visit Palawan, go to Coron...  definitely less cheaper than El Nido and Puerto Princesa, and less commercialized.

Many, many thanks to my hubby who agreed to indulge me in another dream birthday treat. Last year, it was spent in Europe. I wonder where we would be next July?

What are your thoughts on this?

"Without my kids, tomorrow wouldn't be worth the wait
and yesterday wouldn't be worth remembering..... 
But then, I would rather go to jail for spanking my kids,
then for them to go because I didn't....."

I totally agree! 

Some people think that I am a bad mother for spanking my kids when they misbehave.  Yes, I use to spank them when they were young, but not anymore since they have matured so much over the past few years...

For being too strict with their playtime with computers/Wii/Xbox/DSi and other electronic games...  I attended a children's party, and a  table with 4 to 7 year old kids were all sitting quietly on the table, each engrossed with their own Ipads/DSs or cellphones.  It's a children's party for heaven's sake!  Kids should be running around the room, playing and laughing and giggling and making all kinds of sound and mess!

I am old fashion when it comes to disciplining my children.  I grew up the old fashion way, and I like what it taught me... so I am passing that along to my children!   So if I have to go to jail for spanking my kids, so be it!