Goodbye 2013... and hello 2014!!!


I will be busy the rest of the day today since I am going to host a New Year's celebration with 3 other families!   Hope everything goes smoothly.   Good luck to me!

2013  has been very good to me, and it involves 2 trips to Asia.  Family reunion... with tons of love, food, laughter, creating memories and stories to last a lifetime...  and tons of photos for keepsakes. 

Here's looking forward to more adventure in 2014!   Cheers to all! 

Season's Greetings from my family to yours!


This blog is 9 years old!

This blog is officially 9 years old this month!!!  I can't believe how far I have gone with this blog.  It started so innocent, and then I started making some money out of it... and then I stopped making money out of it...  and now, I don't know where this would lead me.

I gain some friends through blogging...  had conflict with some...  but it's the friendship that blossom that I cherished the most!   

Facebook has overtaken my blogging time...  but you will still me some updates every now and then... I'm planning on making it personal again... no more post advertising (for now)!   ",)