"The Notebook"

Just had a movie marathon of Nicholas Spark's movies in one day while multi tasking on doing laundry, cleaning, cooking (for our food for the next 3 days) and baking... I started with Dear John, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Safe Haven, and lastly, Message in the Bottle.

I love "The Notebook" the most. It made me cried a bucket! It was the best love story ever. I've been asking my husband to watch it but he won't since it's a love story. If you haven't watch this movie, it is a must!

My second choice was "Message in the Bottle"... it has a tragic ending, but still a beautiful love story.

2013 Blessings!

Thank you 2013 : Solo trip to Miami with a free cruise to the Bahamas with my BFF… Ice Festival at Lake Louise… Tax season… Summer trip to the Philippines… Family photo shoot… my birthday celebration at Club Paradise… Reunion with good-old-friends!... Tons of road trips… Hiking at Grassi Lake… Osooyos and Kelowna BC… 18th wedding anniversary… Another solo (short) trip to Taiwan… Bon and Jaypee’s wedding… More reunion…. and lots of dinner with friends... my new D7100… Jubilation dinner and show… hosting the year end party…

Going through my list, I just realized that I haven't blog a lot of them! Hence, no links available. Oh well...

Looking for more adventures in 2014!